Founder and Director of the Interactive Robots and Media Laboratory (IRML), the first lab of its kind in the arab world. The lab engaged in two major world-class projects and has received unsurpassed (for a UAEU lab) international public attention so far. As director, have been responsible for: public relations (frequent visitor demos, exhibitions, press relations, leaflets and website), recruitment, fundraising, finances, project management, strategy, vision and multiple other such aspects. The two current main projects of IRML are:

"FaceBots" (click here for video), the Microsoft-award funding recipient (one of 8 of 74 proj. funded, alongside MIT, Yale etc.) world’s first robots that utilize & publish FaceBook info, and

"IbnSina" (click here for facial expressions video, and click here for dialogue video), the world’s first Arabic speaking and comprehending android, within a unique interactive theatre which allows multiple forms of tele-participation.

More information in the IRML website (click here).

Organizer of the IRML International Summer Schools (2008 and 2009), which are research-centered and have a one month duration, with participation of UAE national as well as international students from renowned universities such as MIT, Cambridge, as well as from all over the world – Brazil, Spain, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, India. Content, lectures, and projects can be found at the IRML website

Selected and contributing as member of EU Cog II group of cognitive systems experts

Member of Greek Researchers Matrix, reviewer for National Programs

International workshop in Interactive Robots and Media organized and successfully took place as part of Innovations ’08 conference

Reviewer for IEEE SMC, ICVW, IEEE Innovations in IT, ICVS etc.

Bid Creator and Presenter for United Arab Emirates bid for World Robotics Olympiad 2011. Bid successful, competition included Moscow and Jakarta; the WRO will take place in Abu Dhabi in 2011.

GCC Cognitive Science Society: One of the two founding members of the society, which has more than 20 members, ranging across IT, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, medical imaging, psychology, which have spanned across three universities and two countries. Organized an international workshop in cognitive science as part of Innovations 08. Mailing list, website, as well as reading group with average attendance of 20 (faculty and students), with more than ten enthusiastic two-hour presentations per semester – more info on website (link). Furthermore, took part in the writing of multiple proposals and documents:

- The history of CogSci at UAEU, as well as definitions and taxonomies of the field (pdf)

- Interdisciplinary project proposal for UAEU RA regarding fMRI augmentation and support of society activities

- MSc in Cognitive Sciences proposal

- PhD program proposal

- Research Center in Cognitive Systems and Sciences

Minds of Vision Proposal: Created proposal for novel multi-campus televised and videoconference-teleparticipation-ready world-class university lectures program, with leading world figures in four disciplines, and with immediate benefits towards exposure, networking, and recruiting. Lectures take place at two major UAE universities physically, during a week long visit of the distinguished scholars to the UAE, during which they also meet selected target groups. The lectures are broadcast to ten top university conferencing sites worldwide, in centers sponsored by the program, and remote audiences can participate.

Supervision of industry internships of 4 CIT student groups

Organization of 5 guest lectures with international academics

MIT Hellenic Students Association 2002-2007: Served as Vice-president, secretary, and executive committee member. During office significantly strengthened ties with international and philhellenic organizations as well as with the Onassis foundation, increased cultural events, and improved finances. Also involved in the creation of a Pan-American HSA Umbrella. For more details, follow this link

Academic Society Membership of IEEE, AAAI, IMA, TEE (Greek Engineering Syndicate)

Consulting and training services have been provided to Middle Eastern academics, universities & labs regarding robotics-related activities.



Created presentation and introduced candidate students to the Intelligent Systems Track.

Member of Outreach Committee, 2009-2010 Member of Student Recruitment Committee, 2008-2009

CIT Dean Selection Committee 2009: Served as one of two CIT faculty members, examining applications and participating in telephone and face-2-face interviews of candidate deans.

PhD Program Preparation: Wrote draft recommendations document regarding outline of PhD program specifics, also including cross-comparison with programs of top international universities, and submitted to top administration.

Visiting PhD Scholars Proposal: Wrote draft proposal for visiting PhD students program at UAEU

"Best pipe inspection robot" award at Schlumberger i-Design: During academic year 2008-2009, advised team of two CIT students which together with two more UAEU students and four TokyoTech students designed and built a prototype of an oil-pipe inspection robot, as part of the international i-Design Schlumberger course. The course was comprised of videoconference and recorded lectures, assignments, and culminated to a three-day marathon at Schlumberger Abu Dhabi before the testing of the prototypes and the handing out of the award.



Hosting multiple High School and College Student visits with demos and robot activities at IRML

Worldwide publicity for the IRML lab, CIT, UAEU, UAE, and the field:

BBC News and media of >20 countries covered "FaceBots", including:

Front page appearance and 4-page article on UAE National TV News Spots at greek TV stations ANT1, MEGA, SKY, Makedonia TV Wired Magazine, Coriera De La Sera, Die Presse, Telecinco TV etc.

AFP-released videos and article on our robots to TV worldwide.

Links to videos available in favorites of youtube channel irmluaeu 

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