Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Guest Lectures at: MAS622 Pattern Recognition and Analysis (Fa06)

Seminars in: Robotics, Embedded Systems, etc.

United Arab Emirates University:

CSBP480/CSBP301 Artificial Intelligence (Sp09, Fa09, Sp10, Fa10)

ITBP219 Object-Oriented Programming (Sp08, Fa08, Fa09, Sp10, Fa10, Sp11)

ITBP320 Data Structures and Algorithms (Su08)

CSBP470 / ITBP315 Operating Systems (Su08, Fa08, Sp08)

MATH100 Computers and Scientific Apps (Fa07)

ITBP290 IT Core Project (Fall 08)

ITBP490 Senior Project (Spring 08, Spring 09, Spring 10)

MASTERS Research Case Studies (Fa10)

MASTERS Machine Learning (Sp11)

New York University (NYU AD):

Research-Centric Summer School In Interactive Robotics (Su12)

Inventions: A multi-disciplinary hands-on course (Sp12, description below) 

Hellenic Army Academy (HAA) & Technical University of Crete (TUC): 

Masters in Systems Engineering Robotic Systems and Mechanisms (2015)

INNOPOLIS University:

MS-RO201 Introduction to Intelligent Systems and Robots (2016, 2017)

MS-RO221 Introduction to Graduate Research (2016, 2017)

MS-RO231 Pattern Recognition and Deep Learning (2016)

BS-1CA Computer Architecture (2016)

Masters Thesis Supervision for MS-RO (2016, 2017)

Harbour.Space University (Barcelona):

Robotics Masters M4 Integrated Intelligence in Robotics: Vision, Language, and Planning (2019)

Other Universities: 

Graduate Courses, Short Courses, PD Seminars in numerous universities



CSBP301 Artificial Intelligence (UAEU, 2010)

Totally new curriculum, including intelligent systems coverage, covering basics of

history of AI, software agents, pattern recognition, vision, speech and language tech,

robotics etc. to act as the core Intelligent Systems track course. Multimedia lecture

and lab material developed, using OpenCV, Matlab etc.

COREA-AD22 Inventions (NYUAD, 2012)

An innovative interdisciplinary study of invention, including a strong hands-on

project-based component. Students examined the history, psychology, and

economics of Invention, as well as aspects of intellectual property and modern day

entrepreneurship. In the parallel practical track, they were introduced to mechanics,

automation, design and construction techniques, and during the month-long projects

they created prototypes of numerous real-world inventions.

Third-Year Courses (NYUAD, 2012)

ENGR-AD 306 Intelligent Systems, ENGR-AD 308 Machine Vision

ENGR-AD 305 Robotics, ENGR-AD 313 Embedded Systems

Graduate Courses and Programs (INNOPOLIS, 2016)

MS-RO201 Introduction to Intelligent Systems and Robots MS-RO221

Introduction to Graduate Research

MS-RO231 Pattern Recognition and Deep Learning

MS-RO Masters Program in Robotics: Course and Curriculum Design  


>78 Undergraduate Students

(6 at MIT, 36 at UAEU, 10 at NYUAD, 24 at INNOPOLIS etc.)

>18 Graduate Students (15 M.Eng, 3 PhD)

Numerous more PhD students and PostDocs during Collaborations


Steve Liu, UROP Project, MIT EECS (2003) "A parallelized and streamlined vision front-end for tabletop robots" Steve Liu graduated with his B.Sc. in EECS from MIT in 2004

Stephen Oney, UROP Project, MIT EECS (2004) "Quantifying GSM performance through the flock of birds sensor" Stephen Oney is currently pursuing his PhD at CMU

Alexander Patrikalakis, UROP Project, MIT EECS (2005) "An attentional-salience-model driven smart ptz camera" Alexander Patrikalakis is finishing his M.Sc. at MIT, after having worked for IBM and several Japanese companies

Brian Wong, UROP Project, MIT EECS (2006) "Vision-driven kinematics model calibration for Ripley the Robot" Brian Wong is currently a researcher at MIT CSAIL

Marjorie Cheng, Advanced Graduation Project, MIT EECS (2006) "Human hand event detection for Ripley the Robot" Marjorie Cheng is currently with Oracle USA.



Iman Shebli, Eida Ameri, Fatima Neyadi, Alia Neyadi, UAEU 08 "MoCap for Robot Teaching and Telepresence: Teaching and Controlling a robot arm remotely through motion capture of a human arm"

Hend Al Tair, Amna Yammahi, Amna Shehi, Shaikha Maqdahi, UAEU 08 "Smart MutHaf: 3D Models, Motion Capture, and Animations towards an Interactive Online Museum of the UAE"

Alia Neyadi, Noura Kuwaiti, Asmaa Esmahi, Fatima Neyadi, UAEU 08 "Human and Cat Face Detection" Sara Alketbi, Mariam Alketbi, Alia Marar, Asma AlRashdi, UAEU 08 "MindStorms Among Us: Basic Interactive Behaviors and Collaborative Mapping using Mindstorms"

Rashed Darmaki, Ahmed Muhairi, Hamdan Araifi, Abdullah Kaabi, Saeed Shamsi, Yousef Kaabi, Abdulrahman Nuaimi, Abdullah Falasi, UAEU 09 "Mindstorms soccer: localization, communication, in-field interactions"

Ahmed Daheri, Saeed Merri, Muhamed Kuwaiti, Salem Katheri UAEU 09 "Conversing with Ibn Sina: Towards Dialogic Robots with Arabic Language, Gestural and Expression Capabilities"

(Many more projects and thesis supervised at UAEU, and also at the IRML International Summer Schools at UAEU. Section under construction)



D. Pantazis M.Eng. Diploma Thesis for AUTH ECE dept., at ITI (2001): "2D and 3D Face Recognition Using Embedded Hidden Markov Models" D. Pantazis is research faculty at USC, after completing his PhD there.

K. Nikou M.Eng. Diploma Thesis for AUTH ECE dept., at ITI (2001): "Detecting salient facial feature points" K. Nikou is currently at Telas, after having worked at Siemens Europe etc.

P. Toulis Started advising towards his PhD at AUTH in 2008/09, currently interrupted as he has moved on to pursue an MS at Harvard

(Many more projects and thesis supervised in Greece, and also at the IRML International Summer Schools in NCSR-Demokritos. Section under construction)


More than 20 projects & thesis supervised. (Section under construction)



At United Arab Emirates University: 

- Advising circa 20 students annually for future studies and course choice.

- Supervised 6 student internships at various organizations so far, and student internship projects (such as the "SMS notification system for patient appointments" at the Oasis Hospital in Al Ain).

- Non-UAEU students performing internships in my lab, such as Mohammed Al Shamsi of HCT, who has built a cell-phone operated hexapod which has received media attention in the UAE, and Nikolaos Giakoumidis of Pireaus Technical University Automation Department. who was a representative of Greece in the World Robotics Olympiad 2009 

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